NRG / STX : drumstick was designed & machined at Trueline Drumsticks located in Vermont & with owner Dan Frank & Lee Mangano drummer for the band NRG with song "Instruments Of Destruction" in the original animated 1986 "Transformers The Movie"  that featured Leanard Nemoy, Orson Welles, Judd Nelson & Robert Stack as the voices. 

specs : 17" length x 0.0562" diameter 

wood : Hickory 

logo :  NRG/STX ~ 1986 TF:TM 35th Anniversary 

(TransFormers : The Movie )

The members of NRG would like to thank all the "old school" TF:TM fans for keeping ther Transformer World alive for over 30 years & will honor the anniversary with a Hasbro licenced "limited edition" collectable drumstick to be released 2020


Due to the Colvert-19 Virus lockdown stopping manufacturing & distribution across the country we are preparing to place our pressing order for stock and will take "pre-orders" now with (no credit card necessary ) to reserve your pair of collectible Transformers Artifact Collectables

NRG/STX  1986 TF:TM 30th Anniversary

TF:TM 35th Anniversary Sticks

SKU: NRGSTX-TFTM-30-000001
  • NRG TF CLUB honors a 30 day money back guarantee on undamaged returns and will accept size exchange  - please go to contact page & email :

  • Please add $9.50 S&H anywhere in the USA and $15.95 International (due to change per country)

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